Oklahoma Quit Claim Deed Form

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What is an Oklahoma Quit Claim Deed Form?

An Oklahoma quit claim deed is the kind of act utilized when people trust one another and want to transfer ownership or interest in real estate property from one person to the next. This transaction does not claim the seller's right to sell the real estate property or ownership.

Quit claim deed Oklahoma doesn’t guarantee the property’s title but transfers ownership or interest in the property to the new owner. These forms are used when speedy amendments are required, like one someone will marry, getting separated, moving stuff into a trust. Etc.

Why Do You Need an Oklahoma Quit Claim Deed Form?

Oklahoma quit claim deed form is required in certain situations. The terms and conditions vary from state to state, but most likely, people need it when they need to make swift changes in their will and documents at a legal level.

It includes the ownership or selling matters of property, or if you need to have or omit the name of some family member like your ex-spouse, this form will help you further process the whole thing through the legal procedure.

How to Write an Oklahoma Quit Claim Deed Form?

You can write Oklahoma quit claim deed form online or do the work on your own by following the pattern that can be browsed easily. After downloading it, you need to add the person's name and address, filling in the form.

You need to record the recipient's name and mailing address who will get the deed after the County Clerk’s Office records it and adds the county's location. Then write the amount that has been decided that the grantee is paying to the grantor and write the name, email address, and residential address.

Fill in the details of the description of the place. Enter the identification number given by the county or another governing body like a parcel number. Before you move forward to the signing process, check out the fee and other necessary documents you are supposed to pay. Both parties will make signs, and the notary public will also sign the form before submitting Oklahoma quit claim deed to the County Clerk Office.


All those wondering what’s the big deal with Quit Claim Deed Form will know now why we need one and the uses of this form. We hope that you will not find anything better than this information anywhere else. Go for it and check this out if you are about to use this form for any reason.


Can I create my quit claim deed?

Yes, you can create your quit claim deed by downloading the form online and fil in it with the necessary details.

Why would someone file a quit claim deed?

Quitclaim deeds are filed to transfer property between family members. You can include someone or remove their name from the property the way you like.

What happens if I sign a quit claim deed?

After you signed a quitclaim deed, filed and recorded it with the County Clerk's Office, the title has been officially transferred and cannot be changed easily.

Is the quit claim deed safe?

A quitclaim deed doesn’t come along with a warranty, which gives you no protection of the title. Though a grantor can transfer real estate to another person with this kind of deed, there are no guarantees that the grantor had the right to do this in the first place.

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