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What is a Quitclaim Deed?

A quitclaim deed refers to a legal document used to transfer property interest to another person, preferably the next of kin. The grantor is the person or entity transferring the properties to another person or entity. On the other side, the party receiving the entity or property or entity is called the grantee. Filing the quitclaim deed in Florida permits the transfer of property to the referred entity or organization as per the agreed terms.

A quit claim deed in Florida is not a kind of covenant as many would think. Therefore, the grantee has no warranty of the properties or the goods handed to them. That means that the grantor offers everything, and the grantee can receive the given property if (s)he agrees to take away the property. From the quitclaim issuance, there are no interests that the grantee can incur at any time of the agreement.

When Will You Need a Quitclaim Deed?

Mostly, the heads of the family use quitclaim for their succession. The family-head may transfer their rental properties, businesses, or lands to their children who are mature enough and capable of safeguarding the property.

Another use of quick claim deed Florida is when two couples who were previously married decide to break up or in the time of divorce.

Moreover, the quitclaim deed also finds its significance to transfer ownership of a certain entity, say a company, from one owner to another. Before they agree on the terms of succession, the party transferring the property should have legal ownership of the property.

The Florida quitclaim deed helps in transferring the interests of the owner to the grantee. It is an easy and faster method to transfer properties from one owner to another.

The Florida quitclaim deed helps in solving family succession disputes. It acts in such a way that the successor must be legally permitted the owner of the properties. The successor may not necessarily be the immediate family member but also distanced family members.

How to Write a Quitclaim Deed?

As a legal document, Florida quit claim deed template requires the presence of legal terms. It is important to note that the quitclaim deed agreed upon between the successor and the grantee must be in presence of evidence to avoid wrangles afterward. The quitclaim deed has an inclusion of the name and details of the grantor and the grantee. It fully certifies the full participation of the parties. The quitclaim deed also includes the date of participation. Though Florida quit claim deed template has no attached promises, it is crucial to mention the date on which the parties agreed to the quitclaim terms. The date determines the legit day into which the grantor and the grantee-agreed.

In case of disagreements, the agreement date helps to locate the files and determine the quitclaim terms. The quitclaim deed also includes and gives space for a witness, ensuring their involvement and satisfaction. The witness will also give witness in case there exist disagreements between them. The witness will at most times hold the agreement form- Florida quitclaim deed form. The witness may either be a lawyer or else be a highly respected person in society. He/she may also be a judge or a magistrate. Finally, the form should include the place in which the parties sign as a symbol of agreement. The signing ensures that both parties are satisfied.

Important Facts About Quitclaim Deed

Quitclaim deed serves as identification.

Using the Florida quitclaim deed, the grantor will be recognized openly. For example, if the property is real estate, there is no need for guarantees. The rights of ownership are only recognized by the receiver of the property as indicated in the deed. The quitclaim is also a useful characteristic in tax paying. For example, in real estate properties, the parties will incur taxes during the property transfer. The tax is due according to the value of the property.

A Quitclaim deed is useful for divorce function.

The quitclaim deed in Florida grants to the divorcing parties through a court order. Else with the generosity of the involved party. The parties may agree to solve their disagreements in court when matters get worse. Following the partner’s generosity, the party leaves each other in good faith. In the quitclaim deed form, the home is the name of the partner to whom the property is given. For the home transfer, the couples do not incur any added taxes.

Quitclaim deed avoids probation.

Through a court proceeding, the probation of the heir is avoided. Using a quitclaim deed Florida to transfer property to children, there are no requirements for going through a court proceeding. At times, the court may force to order the removal of the parent’s name from the quitclaim deed.


To conclude, a quitclaim is an identified document that can transfer property ownership from one party to another. They stand out to be one of the best ways to manage real estate properties. The quitclaim deed does not involve promises to either of the parties. Furthermore, the quitclaim deed in Florida does not have the presence of a warranty.

That means that when a property gets transferred from one person, there is no chance to reverse the transaction at any particular time or moment. On a final note, a quitclaim deed only impacts the ownership of property. Perhaps the quitclaim deed in Florida does not affect the loans from the property.


Is the quitclaim deed different from the warranty deed?

The answer is yes because the quitclaim deed allows transfer ownership fully without warranty.

Can the judge change my current deed?

Of course not! The judge will not make changes in the name. Instead, you are required to draft and complete a quitclaim deed and record it with the Register of Deeds.

Do I need the quitclaim deed for a car?

No! Car or mobile home does not fall under real property. Florida quitclaim deeds are for real property transfer such as houses, rental property or land.

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