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What is a Quit Claim Deed Form?

The Quit Claim Deed Michigan form is used between two parties that are supposed to bind themselves in a legal agreement. It is mainly used in closed relations between a creator of trust and trust, close relatives, blood relations, etc.

Here one party gives the property or shares it to someone they need to, but the issue lies within the fact that this person doesn't have ownership of the property and shares it based on interest. This form doesn't come along with any guarantee, so there might be the possibility that the property that is being given to someone has more than one person being shared with.

It is better to do some investigation before you think about legally binding yourself with this contract. It is significant that whenever there might be some transferring between two people, check out the title search so you might have the idea that the property’s interest can be accessed.

Key Elements of a Michigan Quitclaim Deed Form

The Michigan Quitclaim Deed Form offers the new owner whatever interest they have in the property when the deed is signed and delivered to them. The main element that is significant to keep in mind about this form is that it doesn't give any surety to anyone.

The one who is giving and sharing the property themselves has no right over the ownership, as they don't have a clear title to the property. This form is mainly used when one needs to transfer the property to their loved ones or need to give it as a present.

It includes all the close relatives, like your current partner, whose name you need to add or the old one you need to remove. To change the nature of the marital property, you can give it to a living trust.

It can also be given to someone who owns the property with the current owners because someone isn't interested in keeping the title. It is often used when the present owner does not need to be legally responsible for the title’s issues.

How to Write a Michigan Quit Claim Deed?

There are a few main things that one should remember when it comes to writing the Michigan Quit Claim Deed. At the start, download the correct template of the quitclaim deed form and fill in the vital details case you want to write it down. Just fill in all the detailed information about the grantee, such as their name, contact number, address, email address, state, and other data that is being asked.

It is better than you already know the terms and conditions of Michigan state so that everything will be executed without any trouble. In the end, make signs on the quitclaim deed form and go to the notary public, who will also create the sign, and the copy of the form will be distributed to both parties.

When to Use a Quitclaim Deed?

A quitclaim deed is used for different reasons; though the terms and conditions may vary from state to state, the main reasons behind them would be the same. At times people need it to give the title to someone in their family or friends.

Some people don't want to take responsibility for the title anymore and want someone else to have it. You can also use this form just for the sake of adding someone's name in the share of your property or can remove their name if you feel like it.


We hope you would probably know what Quit Claim Deed Michigan is and what exactly is quitclaim deed in general. In case you are dealing in the matters of property, then it is better to keep in mind a few things to check out your state laws as they will help you better guide what you need to do before legally binding yourself with this agreement.


What is involved in a quitclaim deed?

A quitclaim deed shares the owner's entire interest in the property to the person getting it. Still, it only shares what they have, so if multiple people have owned the property and one of them quitclaims their interest to some, then they can only transfer their half of the ownership.

How do you fill out a quitclaim deed?

You need to add the full names when you fill out the deed and explain the property by both address and parcel number—date and sign in front of a notary. You can record the quitclaim deed, take the notarized document to the county recorder's office and file it with the clerk by paying applicable fees.

Are there any benefits to using a quitclaim deed?

A quitclaim deed is simple and easy because it shares all of one person's interest in the property to someone else. The deed transfers all claims that the seller has to the property if they have any. If the seller has no interest in the property, then no interest is shared.

Can you do a quitclaim deed yourself?

Yes, you can use a simple form, that can be known as a quitclaim deed, to share your joint property ownership to someone else like, a family member, your ex, or even a trust. In using a quitclaim deed, you are capable of making necessary legal changes.

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