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What is a Florida Warranty Deed?

A warranty deed Florida is a sort of deed where the grantor guarantees that the title he holds against some property has the right to sell it to the buyer (grantee). A warranty deed provides a guarantee from the grantor that title that he is transferring a clean title to the grantee.

A warranty deed gives more protection and security by the dealer upon the real estate. This deed includes a complete legitimate explanation of the property. The warranty deed ensures the grantee by pledging that the grantor holds clear title to the real estate, and there are no taxes, mortgages, and encumbrances against it.

The person who purchases a property has legal protection from past claims, demands, or liens when he has a warranty deed. Eventually, the grantee has the right even to sell the property. But it is still recommended that the title search is completed before receiving it.

Tips for Using a Florida Warranty Deed Form

The warranty deeds are usually used in the deal settling when the grantor or grantee will purchase title protection on the property. The purchase of title insurance protects the buyer while decreasing risk on the seller.

Warranty deeds vary from state to state, such that some of the rules which may imply at Florida won’t imply in some other state. Florida warranty form can be used to quickly transfer real estate with the most accessible rule to follow.

This transfer can occur within the family members, transfer the home from parents to their children, within the business partners, or exclude or include the spouse in the property. To whomever, the transfer takes place, make sure to add a notary as a witness while signing the form.

How to Write a Florida Warranty Deed Form?

The warranty form filling is not a big deal as it can be done quickly online or manually. Anyway, you feel comfortable doing it. You will just have to follow the template provided, and you are good to go.

  • Add the accurate legal description of the property. Make sure it is the same as used on the past deed.
  • Description of the grantor and grantee, if on chance more than one grantee will hold the title so the explanation that in which ways.
  • Make sure that the font size and page format are according to the state’s recording law. And the signatures from both parties should take place in the presence of a notary. The notary public will also sign the Florida warranty deed form before it is submitted with the applicable fee to the county clerk’s office.

Ensure that any information you provide is authentic, as any wrong information about the property can lead to the cancellation of the Florida warranty deed. And can cause problems as well.


We have tried to cover all the information related to the warranty deed. Hopefully, now all your concerns and questions would have been cleared out; if you have any property work, use this form and get benefitted.


Can we sell the property with the Florida warranty deed?

When a person receives the warranty, he becomes the owner of that property. So it is evident that the owner can sell his property.

Do we become the owner after obtaining the warranty deed?

Yes, the grantor gives his ownership to the grantee, and this warranty deed is the proof of that transfer.

Are warranty and title the same thing?

Warranty and title share a few things, but they are not exact. A warranty is more secure than a mere title. The warranty deed gives surety that the title sold by the owner is free from any loans, mortgages, or claims.

Can I be removed from the deed without my consent?

No, nobody can be removed passively without his consent. Even not the previous owner can do a new deed without involving the current person-in-charge. In short, nothing can happen without consent.

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