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Quitclaim Deed Indiana: What is it?

Quitclaim deed Indiana form is used when one party needs to transfer or sell their property to someone else. It is legally binding that connects both parties based on a legal document. Here the transfer of property in real estate is given without any promise of the title.

This form is mainly used to remove or add the spouse to the title or property to a trust during estate planning. Keep in mind that an Indiana quitclaim deed does not need a clearcut title, so it is in your best interest if you only utilize this tool while working with purchasers and sellers that know and trust one another.

Quitclaim deeds are sometimes known as quick claims deeds and quit claim deeds. You can use any term for Indiana quit claim deed, as these names are used and emphasized for the same legal document.

When Will You Need an Indiana Quit Claim Deed Form?

A quit claim deed Indiana form is needed in various situations. It can be required when one needs to change the right of ownership from some family member’s property. You can also include or remove your spouse's name if you break up or marry a new partner.

Indiana quit claim deed form is also used when one needs to transfer the right of property to someone or decides to sell it. This considers a legal document that lets you do the work by keeping in mind all the terms and conditions of your state.

As the quit deed form doesn’t come along with any warranties, so to involve yourself in such matters as a buyer, you need to make sure how many parties are directly or indirectly involved with the real estate in which you have the interest, so later you don’t feel like falling in a trap.

How to Write an Indiana Quit Claim Deed Form?

A quick deed form can be downloaded online or if you have decided to write one on your own, then remember to follow a few things so you don’t make any mistakes. Fill in the form with the name and address of the form’s preparer and the county recorder's address where it will be filed.

Enter the personal information about the parties, like the name and city of the seller and the receiver's name, along with the document in day/month/year format. Add the amount paid for the property.

Fill in the form with the property’s address. Have the grantor sign the form in the presence of a Notary Public. The Notary Public will also sign the document. File the document with the correct county recorder’s office and pay the fee.


There is no doubt that the quitclaim deed form is vital in transferring or selling your property by legally binding yourself with the whole real estate process. We hope that this information will be sufficient for you to know how all of this works and what you need to create this form.


Does a quit claim deed release financial responsibility?

No, it doesn’t release you from any financial obligations you may have. It only removes you from the title.

Does a quitclaim deed give you ownership?

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How does a quitclaim deed affect taxes?

When a grantee accepts a clear title on the property, they must pay the newly acquired property taxes. Here the grantor doesn’t need to pay future taxes on the property.

What if my ex won't sign the quitclaim deed?

If your ex doesn’t sign a quit claim deed form for property awarded to you, you need to go back to court to ask the judge to enforce the judgment with a court-ordered quit claim deed.

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